Operation Enduring Freedom and
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Indiana Honor Roll
In memory of the 207 Indiana service members who have
lost their lives during Operation Iraqi Freedom or
Operation Enduring Freedom.
Ahmed, Shane Hasan
Allen, Ronald D. Jr
Amos, John D. II
Ammerman, Matthew R.
Andersen, Paul Eugene
Atwell, Bradley W.
Babb, Brock
Balmer, Ryan A.
Barrett, Brandon A.
Baughman, Nathaniel
Baumann, Ryan P.
Beadles, Jason
Beardsley, William
Bechert, Michael
Beery, Brock
Birchfield, Joshua
Bishop, John C.
Black, Jarrod W.
Blair, Jonathan F.
Blakley, Richard A.
Blodgett, Clinton C.
Blue, Shaun M.
Boling, Craig A.
Booker, Kenneth R.
Bowen, Collin J.
Bowman, Brian R.
Brown, James
Buckley, Roy Russell
Butz, James A.
Calhoun, Jr., Marvin R.
Carlock, Ryan G.
Carter, Curtis A.
Cassidy, Gerald J.
Cerros, Jr., Ricardo
Childress, Kyle W.
Clay, James M.
Clemens, Brian
Clements, Chad D.
Colvill, Robert E., Jr.
Commons, Matthew A.
Corban, Jeffrey W.
Crass, Layton B.
Crouse, William H., IV
Davenport, James R.
Dawson, Ezra
DeBlanc, Darren A.
DeBoer, Daane A.
Deckard, Matthew L.
Depew, Cory R.
Downing, Stephen P., II
Doyle, Jeremy W.
Ebert, Christopher S.
Elledge, Michael D.
Faulkenburg, Steven W.
Faulkner, James D.
Fields, Arronn D.
Fiscus, Michael "Todd"
Flanigan, William T.
Ford, Joseph A.
Foyteck, Kraig
Frantz, Matthew C.
Fribley, David K.
Frickey, Armand "Luke"
Frigo, Nathan J.
Frist, Luke P.
Fritsche, William Ryan
Gamble Jr., Carter A.
Gonzalez, Zachariah
Goodman, Ashton L.M.
GramesSanchez, David J.
Gray, Torrey L.
Griffin, Dale R.
Hallal, Deryk L.
Halling, Jesse M.
Hartge, Nick
Harting, Adam J.
Hazelgrove, Brian D.
Heath, David M.
Heltzel, Paul Martin
Henry, Gary
Hensel, Shawn
Hernandez, Joseph M.
Hershey, Brett M.
Hiester, Michael T.
Hill, Joshua Lee
Hillenburg, Eric
Hogan, Hunter D.
Hudson, Christopher E.
Hunsberger, Travis
Idalski, Nick
Jarboe, Jamie
Jarvis, Barry E.
Jeffries, William A.
Jenkins, Phillip Chad
Jetton, Joshua L.
Johns, Jason
Jones, Rickey
Karch, Christopher N.
Keesling, Chancellor A.
Keith, Chad Lynn
Kimmell, Matthew A.
King, Bradley D.
Kirkpatrick, David A.
Knox, JaBraun
Lahmann, Johnathan A.   
Lane, Randall R.
Langenbrunner, Richard P.
Lawton, Mark A.
Lee, Jimmy Shawn
Leonhardt, Brian J.
Letendre, Brian S.
Lewsader, Roy P. Jr.
Loyd, David L.
Lueken, Eric
Martin, Stephen G.
McAninch, Kenneth K.
McClellan, William J.
McCune, Donald R. II
McGovern, Timothy I.
McIntosh, Eric A.
McKinzie, Antoine J.
McKinley, Robert L.
McLochlin, Jeffrey A.
McQueary, Jeremy
Menke, Jon
Metzger, Jonathan M.
Meyer, Jason M.
Miller, Brian K.
Miller, Frederick L. Jr.
Monroe, Christopher Talor
Montgomery, Robert J.
Muralles, Marcus V.
Murray, Robert W. Jr.
Nordmeyer, Zachary R.
Nowaczyk, David P.
Osborn, Kyle B.
Osman, Ergin V.
Pabla, Paul S.
Pahnke, Shawn D.
Pape, Kevin M.
Patterson, Christopher A.
Patterson, Nicholas J.
Pauley, Jaiciae L.
Penisten, Brian H.
Perez, Luis A.
Perez, Sergio E.
Pfender, Jonathan R.
Powell, Willard M. (Kerchief)
Proctor, Joseph E.
Profitt, Jason
Putman, Cody
Ramsey, Joshua A.
Rankel, John K.
Rast, Benjamin D.
Rios, Duane R.
Rodgers, Kristopher D.
Rojas, Jonathan
Sanders, Gregory P.
Schafer, Michael Wayne
Schnell, Shayna
Schober, Anthony J.
Schoff, Brian J.
Schoolcraft III, Jon
Seal, Aaron
Seig, Anthony P.
Shank, Neale
Shoecraft, Justin B.
Simmons, David Neil
Sirko, Steven F.
Smith, Darrell L.
Smith, Matthew R.
Smith, Scott D.
Snyder, James P.
Snyder, Norman "Kyle"
Stahl, Nathan E.
Strader, Morgan W.
Strong, Joseph
Struble, Sascha
Stultz, Gregory Scott
Swain, James
Tauteris, Jr., Robert J.
Taylor, David W.
Taylor, Nicholas A.
Terwiske, Alec R.
Thomas, Kyle G.
Thompson, Lance
Trost, Marvin Lee III
Vicari, Augustus "Augy" J.
Wade, Tristan M.
Waters, James A.
Weiss, Andrew Robert
Whitacre, Andrew Francis
White, Raymond L.
Whitworth, Donte Jamal
Wiesemann, Michael J.
Wilkey, David A. Jr.
Williams, Jesse L.
Wilson, Bryan
Winters, Jeannette L.
Witsman, Joshua E.
Wood, Brett E.
Woods, Gary Lee
Woodward, Ryan A.
Wright, Christopher S.
Wright, Jeremy R.
Youngblood, Kelly
Zubowski, Scott
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Thanks to The Indianapolis Star, whose articles since 9/11/01 have provided personal insights into the lives of many of these brave men and women, and to articles published by newspapers in other Indiana towns and cities. We owe our freedoms to men and women such as these who have made the ultimate sacrifice and we grieve with their families for their loss.

On January 9, 2006 the Indiana OEF/OIF Memorial Wall was unveiled and dedicated.
The Wall is located outside the offices of the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs, 302 W. Washington Street, Room E120, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204.  

God Bless America and these brave men and women.

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Special Tribute to
Hoosier Gulf War Casualties

Anderson, Michael Frederick, Desert Storm, Killed, Non Hostile, Feb. 21, 1991, Chief Warrant Officer  Army  Frankfort, Indiana, Clinton County, Age 36

Benningfield, Alan Harden, Desert Storm, Killed, Non Hostile, Mar. 27, 1991, Petty Officer Second Class Navy  Evansville, Indiana, Vanderburgh County, Age 32

Lane, Brian Lee, Desert Storm, Killed in Action, Feb 27, 1991, Lance Corporal  Marine Corps  Bedford, Lawrence County, Age 20, Killed in the tank battle for Kuwait City airport.

Lawton, Lorraine, Desert Storm, Died, Non-Hostile, July 10, 1991 when the four-wheel truck she was driving struck a bus near Dhahran. 2nd Lt., 123rd Army Reserve Command. West Lafayette, Tippecanoe County.

Miller, James Robert, Desert Storm, Killed in Action  Specialist  Army  Decatur, Adams County, Age 20. Stepped on land mine on Feb. 28, 1991 taking supplies to the front. Survived by his wife and a son, which he never met, who was born on February 21, 1991.
Miller, Mark Allen, Desert Storm, Killed, Non Hostile, Feb. 25, 1991  Private First Class  Army, Cannelton, Indiana, Perry County, Age 20 

Paddock, John Michael, Desert Storm, Killed, Non Hostile, Mar. 16, 1991, Chief Warrant Officer  Navy  Indianapolis, Indiana, Marion County, Age 44 

Reel, Jeffrey David, Desert Storm, Killed, Non Hostile, Feb. 20, 1991, Private First Class  Army  Vincennes, Indiana, Knox County, Age 21 

Settimi, Jeffrey A.   Desert Shield, Dec. 22, 1990, Mess. Mgt. Spec. Apprentice, Navy,  Fort Wayne, Indiana, Allen County, Age 25

Simpson, Brian Keith, Desert Storm, Killed in Action, Feb. 25, 1991, Corporal, Army, Indianapolis, Indiana, Marion County, Age 22. Killed in the SCUD missile attack on U.S. Army barracks. Survived by his wife.

Squires, Jr., Otha Bennett, Desert Storm, Died, Non-Hostile, May 27, 1991, Specialist, Army, Saudi Arabia, Indianapolis, Indiana, Marion County.

Alphabetical listing by name
Alphabetical listing by county
Statistics by branch of service
Statistics by place of death
Chronological listing

1990/91 Gulf War Casualties
Lebanon, Grenada, USS Stark, Somalia and Saudi Arabia Bombing
Adams -2
Allen - 10
Bartholomew - 2
Benton - 1
Boone - 1
Brown - 1
Cass -2
Clark - 4
Clay - 2
Clinton - 1
Decatur - 1
Dekalb - 1
Delaware - 1
Dubois - 4
Elkhart - 12
Floyd - 2
Fountain - 1
Lawrence - 2
Madison - 5
Marion - 29
Miami - 2
Montgomery - 1
Morgan - 2
Noble - 3
Owen -1
Perry -1
Pike - 1
Porter - 7
Posey - 2
Putnam - 1
St. Joseph - 4
Scott -1
Shelby - 3
Starke - 2
Sullivan -2
Switzerland - 1
Tippecanoe - 5
Vanderburgh - 6
Vermillion - 1
Vigo - 3
Wabash - 2
Washington - 1
Wayne - 3
Wells - 1
White - 3
Whitley - 1
Franklin - 1
Fulton - 2
Gibson - 1
Grant -7
Hamilton -5
Hancock - 1
Hendricks - 4
Henry - 1
Howard - 6
Huntington - 2
Jackson - 2
Jay - 1
Jefferson - 2
Johnson - 2
Kosciusko - 2
Lagrange - 1
Lake - 15
LaPorte - 7
OEF/OIF Statistics by Branch of Service
As of 12/6/14:

Army Reserves
Army NG (Indiana)
Army NG (AR)
Army NG (TN)
Army NG (LA)
Army NG (KY)
Army NG (MD)
Army NG (MI)
Army NG (OK)
Air Force
Marine Reserves


Red Sea
United Arab Emirates

OEF/OIF Statistics by Place of Death

Native Hoosier or had ties to Indiana
Native Hoosier or had ties to Indiana
Native Hoosier or had ties to Indiana
Native Hoosier or had ties to Indiana
Native Hoosier or had ties to Indiana
Native Hoosier or had ties to Indiana
Native Hoosier or had ties to Indiana
Lebanon, Grenada, USS Stark, Somalia
 and Saudi Arabia Bombing


Estes, Danny R., U.S. Marine Corps E3 from Gary, Indiana. Killed by bombing 23 October 1983.

Gorchinski, Michael Wayne, U.S. Navy E7 from Evansville, Indiana. Killed by bombing 23 October 1983.

Thorstad, Thomas P., U.S. Marine Corps E6 from Chesterton, Indiana. Killed by bombing 23 October 1983.


Cline, Randy Eugene, U.S. Army E5 from Cloverdale, Indiana. Killed during Operation Urgent Fury 25 October 1983.


Kiser, Stephen Greg, U.S. Navy E8 from Elkhart, Indiana. Killed 17 May 1987.


Hilgery, Christopher Keith, U.S. Army E5 from Bloomington, Indiana. Killed 1 August 1993 during Operation Restore Hope.

Martin, Timothy Lynn, U.S. Army E8 from Aurora, Indiana. Killed 3 October 1993 during Operation Restore Hope.

Richerson, Ronald Neil, U.S. Army E5 from Portage, Indiana. Killed 1 August 1993 during Operation Restore Hope.


Cartrette, Earl Fredrick, Jr., U.S. Air Force E4 from Sellersburg, Indiana. Killed 25 June 1996 during  a hostile bombing in Saudi Arabia.