Army Specialist Ronald D. Allen Jr., 22, of Mitchell, Indiana.

  Allen was conducting convoy operations when he was involved in a vehicular accident near Balad, Iraq. Allen died of his injuries. He was assigned to the 502nd Personnel Service Battalion, 43rd Area Support Group, Fort Carson, Colorado. Died on August 25, 2003.
  Allen was a young man of exuberant tastes -- maybe a little too exuberant at times. But that was far outweighed by the depth of his friendships.
  "He played his music too loud," said Spc. Travis Rollins, "(but) to us he was a friend. I don't trust many people, but I knew I could count on Allen."
  Allen, 22, Mitchell, was killed in a traffic accident in northern Iraq. He had jumped out of his Humvee to repair a flat tire and was fatally injured when another vehicle spun out.
  Family members say Allen was so eager to join the Army that he enlisted in his junior year of high school. He had hoped to become a state trooper.
  "It doesn't surprise me that he was the first to get out of that truck and fix the tire," said Capt. Jessica Murnock, Allen's commander. "He was a quiet soldier, but he was a hard worker."
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