Louisiana National Guardsmen Sgt. Armand "Luke" Frickey, originally from Noblesville, Indiana.

    Frickey and five other  Louisiana National Guardsmen died when a roadside bomb destroyed their Bradley fighting vehicle in Iraq on January 6, 2005.
     He was a member of 2nd Battalion, 156th Mechanized Infantry unit based in Houma, Louisiana.
     Frickey, a National Guard specialist who was posthumously promoted to the rank of sergeant after his death last week in a rural town northwest of Baghdad, was affectionately called a youthful son, strong brother, dedicated husband and outstanding soldier. Luke had been in Iraq only about three months before that fatal day last week when a roadside explosive blasted to pieces the Bradley fighting vehicle in which he and his comrades were traveling.
    Frickey moved to Louisiana with his wife, Nikki, following his high-school graduation in Indiana. He joined the Army National Guard at 17, when he was still in high school in Noblesville, Ind. His National Guard unit was called up for duty last fall. Luke was supposed to serve 18 months in Iraq. He died a month before his 21st birthday.

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