Army Private Jesse M. Halling, 19, of Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Received a fatal gunshot wound at a military police station when his section received rifle propelled grenade and small arms fire. He was assigned to 401st Military Police Company, Fort Hood, Texas. Died June 7, 2003.
  Even as a child, Halling wanted to be a soldier. "Everything was about the military," said his mother, Pam Halling. "Ever since he was in kindergarten, drawing pictures of jets and helicopters and tanks. . . it was just in him."
  Halling, 19, Indianapolis, died in combat in Iraq. He was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.
  Halling has been widely praised for his actions during the battle, ordering others in his unit to take cover while he returned fire until he was struck down by shrapnel.
  "Jesse went over to Iraq to help a people have a freedom, to help a people have a peace," said the Rev. D. Michael Welch. 

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