Army Sgt. Chad Lynn Keith, 21, of Batesville, Ind.

  Killed while he was on mounted patrol in Baghdad when his vehicle drove past an object that exploded on the side of the road. Assigned to the 2-325th Infantry, Company D, Fort Bragg, N.C. Born Nov. 19, 1981, Chad died on July 7, 2003. He was interned at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
  When Keith talked to Army recruiters, friends couldn't tear him away.
  "Most people join the Army because they want money for college or something, but he was really happy to be in the Army," said close friend Kirt Collier. "I understand why he went over there. It was something he was passionate about."
  He died 26 days before he was to be promoted to sergeant -- and a few days after he spoke to his mother by telephone. Kim Hitzges said her son told her he was tired but willing to stay "until the job was done."
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