Army National Guard Spc. Norman "Kyle" Snyder, 21, Carlisle, Indiana.

  Died Saturday, March 26, 2005, in Afghanistan, about 30 miles south of Kabul, with three other National Guard soldiers, when a land mine detonated beneath their vehicle as they were scouting a location for a shooting range.
  He graduated from Sullivan High School in 2002 and soon joined the Guard.
  "He talked about basic training being hard on him," said Zach Monroe, a high school friend who was also his cousin, but Snyder stayed with it and was trained as a radio operator.
  When the mine detonated, one of the other soldiers in the vehicle with Snyder was his friend, Spc. Brett Hershey. Snyder and Hershey met when they joined the Guard, and the two trained and roomed together.
  "It's [comforting] to know he was with a friend," Snyder's mother, Donna Shots, said. Of Snyder's dream to follow in the tradition of most of the male members of the family being in the military, his mother said, "He was excited that part of his dream was going to come true."   

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