Army Pfc. Nathan E. Stahl, 20, of Highland, Indiana.

    Died in Iraq, when his vehicle was struck with an improvised explosive device. He was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Lewis, Washington. Died on September 21, 2004.
    A 2003 graduate of Highland High School, had been serving in Iraq since the summer of 2003. He is the son of Rodney and Tawanna Nightingale.
    Dena Hemphill, 18, Stahl's former girlfriend, learned of his death Thursday morning from an officer of the local Civil Air Patrol, of which Stahl was a member. "The first thing I thought of was his face," Hemphill said. Stahl broke up with her before he left to go overseas, friends with Hemphill said as they put the ribbons on trees.
    21-year-old Robin Hemphill, Dena's older sister, said, "They broke up before he went because something like this could happen. He didn't want to hurt her. Nathan was a great guy. He didn't deserve this to happen."
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